Wednesday, November 25, 2015

15 Black Friday Freebies and Sales for Book Lovers!

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Get 15 amazing ebooks free or on sale for Black Friday without leaving your home! I personally recommend all of these titles. Please check the dates as promotions run anytime from Nov 25 to Dec 4. Happy Holidays!

Spin Control by award-winning author Sarka-Jonae Miller is free November 24-27 - Romantic Comedy

The Necklace II by Linda S. Rice is free November 27 to December 1- Time-travel Romance

Secrets and Lies in El Salvador by Sherrie Miranda is 99 cents NOW - Historical Adventure

The Power Stones by Erin Larene Wheeler is 99 cents NOW - Urban Fantasy

More Than Friends by Lynn Wallace-Kurtz is 99 cents NOW

99 Cent Sales November 27 - December 1 

Avalon's Child by Leigh Bennett - Urban Fantasy

Arielle Immortal Struggle by award-winning author Lilian Roberts - Paranormal Romance

Tripped Up Love by Julie Farley - Contemporary Romance

The Passion Thief by Anne McCarthy Strauss - Women's Fiction

Daimones by multiple award-winning author Massimo Marino - Science Fiction

Swimming Home by #1 best-selling author Ruth Mancini - Women's Fiction

Is This All There Is? by Patricia Mann - Women's Fiction

Dark Shadows of the Past by #1 best-selling author Angel Sefer - Romantic Suspense

Danny's War by PJ Fiala - Contemporary Romance


The Necklace: The Dusky Club June 1962 by Linda S. Rice is on a Kindle Countdown Deal Nov 27 - Dec 4

Friday, October 2, 2015

Win 'Avalon's Child' by Leigh Bennett! New Urban Fantasy

Win new urban fantasy Avalon's Child by Leigh Bennett!

About Avalon's Child

Seventeen-year-old Izzy has her hands full dealing with her wayward younger sister and her bickering parents, not to mention evading the school bully. Then, her sister goes missing, and everything Izzy thought she knew about the world and her life comes to a crashing halt.

Years ago, Fallyn explored the rift into Humanworld. Since crossing over, he’s worked underground, dedicating his life to helping the Fae escape Avalon and assimilate amongst the humans. But those he helped are now forced to return to a world of chaos and despair.

Store owner Zephyra has lived most of her life with humans but yearns for Avalon. Will a chance meeting bring the change she’s looking for?

About Leigh Bennett

Leigh Bennett is an Australian author who lives in Melbourne’s hilly outer east with her husband, three sons, two beagle x cavalier dogs, and a varying number of chickens. Before giving up the glamorous life to be a stay-at-home mum, Leigh worked in various industries including public service, education, road, and music. She enjoys reading, cooking, interior design, and writing stories filled with love, drama, and fun — happily ever afters not optional.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Movie Review - 'Authors Anonymous' (Kaley Cuoco)

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I'm not sure how a movie that should be seen by every novelist on the planet came out last year and escaped my notice. Thank Heaven for all the news surrounding Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting lately or I never would have thought to check if she'd been in any recent movies. Authors Anonymous is not only about a cast of characters representing your typical struggling-to-get-published band of writers, it's also a great flick for the single lady who wants a romantic comedy-type film without the sappy romance. Sometimes, you just want the heroine to end up with a great career and the best years of her life still to come.

The plot revolves around a documentary being made about a writers group. Putting aside the hilarity of anyone making a documentary about a writers group comprising unknown, unpublished authors -- many of whom have yet to complete a single manuscript -- Authors Anonymous creates an ideal setting to bring together very different characters who would not otherwise be believably spending time together. 

Kaley Cuoco plays Hannah, the beautiful but poorly educated and not well read blonde for whom success comes easily. In other circumstances you might hate "that girl," but you can't in this movie because she is sweet, dedicated, and -- at least initially -- earns her success without using her beauty. The rest of the group hates her, of course. Except her best friend Henry, who spends the whole movie yearning for a relationship with her that everyone else can see isn't meant to be. Henry (Chris Klein) is the "real" writer of the group, the undiscovered talent who happens to be suffering from writers block because he's trying to force his male and female characters into a romantic relationship that feels fake to everyone. Round peg meets square hole, but at least he's finished a couple of manuscripts.

Husband and wife Alan and Colette Mooney are the main hosts of the group. Colette (Teri Polo) is the wannabe writer who cannot form a single sentence without three or more adjectives. She must have slept through (or slept her way through) Writing 101. Alan (Dylan Walsh) is an optician by trade and more of a dabbler in writing. He comes up with the odd idea for a novel or a character name and then, as far as we can see, does nothing with them.

Then, there's Will, the "pretend writer" who is so obsessed with perfection he continually rewrites (or pretends to rewrite) the same three pages. Completing a manuscript will never happen for him. You wonder if something will happen between him and Hannah as they are the young, good-looking members of the group, but thankfully Hannah seems to have better taste. Or does she? At least she has the sense to dedicate herself to her mantra "the writing comes first." 

The final group member is the Tom Clancy wannabe who refers to himself in the third person. Despite his doing so, I can't remember his name. John Bunson, or something. I believe his middle initial is K. He's the guy who is impatient and egotistical, the one who maybe could have gotten a literary agent if he'd put in the time that Colette did sending out letters and taking the rejection as it comes, but "John" (Dennis Farina) doesn't have the time or stomach for that. Instead, he decides to self publish, which is a viable option for many authors. JKB doesn't even bother to find a reputable printer for his book (I won't call a service that prints up paperbacks a publisher as that title should be given to companies who actually sell, market, and distribute books). His constant delusions -- such as getting Clint Eastwood to read his book and produce a movie -- are a source of delight in the movie. In reality, he and most of the other members of the group are exactly why many published authors prefer to work with trusted beta readers instead of writers groups. 

Infidelity excused as "research," laziness rationalized as high standards, and jealousy pawned off as something natural and uncontrollable, are some of the funnier aspects of the film. But for me, the movie sort of falls apart toward the end. Hannah, who always seemed true to herself and unwilling to compromise her integrity (despite most people assuming she used her sexuality to get ahead), ends up with a guy that she has no chemistry with and apparent feelings for -- a guy who is also a self-centered prick to her friends, which is something Hannah would never ignore. At least we get the sense that she still puts her writing first and will mature past that relationship once she gets more confidence in herself. 

Henry shows his true colors as the douchey guy who complains that the girl to whom he's attracted doesn't like him back -- as if women are somehow obligated to want a relationship with any man who is a). thinks he's a nice guy b). finds her sexually attractive and c). is standing right in front of her. Newsflash, women do not owe men shit. If a man is your friend, you owe him friendship and nothing more. Hannah makes this point as Henry goes for the jugular, intellectually speaking, during a jealous tantrum and she asks him why being his friend isn't enough? Why always supporting his writing isn't enough? Um, it is enough! Somehow Henry gets rewarded for his infantile behavior with his own book deal and a hot new girlfriend. Huh? Of course, if he'd accepted that Hannah was always meant to be a friend he could have had her in his life too. She dedicated her book to him. She obviously cared. Oh well. 

Authors Anonymous is flawed, certainly, but it's fun! Writers will laugh at the charictures of author archetypes and ridiculous ways contracts come popping out of nowhere and six-figure movie deals are signed before a book is even completed. I'm not sure the movie will be quite as entertaining to the general public though.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Spotlight: Ruth Mancini, #1 Best-selling Literary Author

I cannot say enough how proud I am of women's literary fiction author, Ruth Mancini. She reached a top 40 author ranking on Amazon. That's an amazing accomplishment for someone with only two books under her belt; but, those two books include the #1 best seller and three-time award nominee Swimming Upstream and its amazing sequel, Swimming Home

"Mancini beautifully gives Lizzie a distinct personality and depth. The supporting characters are also multi dimensional; each one reminding the reader that life is often complicated, while intricately weaving the message that it just takes one step at a time to stop selling yourself short and start the road to a new life." - InD'tale Magazine

I hope you will find a moment to check out these books.
Both of the novels are available as ebooks and paperbacks, but they're also part of the kindle lending library, so they are free to read for Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime members (though if you are a member, borrow The Swimming Upstream Collection to get both books in one!).

"Ruth Mancini presents a compelling tale of starting over, friendship, and the decisions we must make to keep going each day." - Readers' Favorite

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Love Triangle Giveaway!

Whether you're between boyfriends or happily committed, don't you just love a good love triangle? Who doesn't? Enter below to WIN 4 ebooks about women torn between two men in this love triangle giveaway! You have between now and October 15th at midnight.

One lucky winner receives: 

Who can resist? 

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Monday, August 31, 2015

Best-selling Mystery & Thriller Giveaway!

#1 best-selling author Angel Sefer is giving away an e-copy of her latest romantic mystery, Dark Shadows of the Past. Her thrilling Greek Isles series comprises individual, unrelated stories on different Greek islands! The giveaway starts September 1.

Also up for grabs is the New Adult thriller, Trigger, by Jill Meengs. Jill is published by the same publishing house as Angel. Trigger is a thrill ride!
But that's not all, actress/artist/author Vanessa A. Ryan is giving away an e-copy of her cozy mystery, A Palette for Murder. Kirkus Review called the novel "Good fun!"

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Author Event at Upstart Crow

Photo Credit: Jasna Gopic
Last weekend, I led a panel at the wonderful Upstart Crow Bookstore and Coffee House in Seaport Village. I was joined by Linda S. Rice, Sherrie Miranda, and Linda Wallace. 

We answered questions about how much research authors do before writing their books, where we draw our inspiration from, and many other poignant questions. 

What's best about these panels is offering variety in our answers. That's why I enjoy having guest authors answers questions with me in my East County Magazine Ask An Author column. If you have questions about writing, publishing, and marketing books, please ask!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Romance Bundle Giveaway (Aug 14 - Sept 14)!

Win four of my favorite romance ebooks by entering this Rafflecopter giveaway below! One winner gets a copy of Arielle Immortal Awakening by Lilian Roberts, Flirting With Magick by Leigh Bennett, Tripped Up Love by Julie Farley, and Designing Samantha's Love by PJ Fiala.Giveaway runs Aug 14 to Sept 14. Enter FREE.

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