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Win An iPod Shuffle! (US Only)

Win a silver iPod Shuffle! Simply write a short review of my novel Between Boyfriends and post to Amazon. Contact me for a free copy. Drawing November 15. More details below.

Win an iPod Shuffle
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Giveaway Rules

Please read and follow these directions for your entry to be valid. Reviews must be:

  1. A minimum of 5 sentences
  2. Grammatically correct 
  3. Contain at least 1 detail to prove you read the book
Reviews must NOT contain any reference to this contest, iPods or anything not found in a legitimate review.

Contact me for a free copy of Between Boyfriends. You do not need an e-reader. I can send a pdf file that is readable and printable from a computer. I also have versions for e-readers and tablets.

After you have read and reviewed the book, just comment on this post that you got the book and wrote the review. Include your email so we can notify you if you won. Copy and paste your review from Amazon into your comment. We will assign all entrants a number by the order of comments and use to pick a winner on November 15 at 11PM PST. Contest open to US residents only.



Moonwalker said...

I am not even a female and I thought this book was amazing! Its very well written and its so funny! I think its a must read for everyone. You will not be disappointed!


mikejackcrew -at-

Rebecca R said...

My review will be up shortly. 4 stars.

Rebecca R said...

I missed the part about posting my review here also:

I am not a huge fan of chic lit, but once in a while I read one I like. This is one of those books. I found the characters believable, the story enjoyable, and the writing pretty good. I liked the main character's growth and the way her relationships with those around her slowly change and develop. There were some things in the ending that left me a little dissatisfied, but what happened was true to the characters and probably more believable than what I wished for.

It wasn't without its flaws. There were some POV issues earlier in the book and the usual random typos, etc., found in any book, whether selfpublished or printed by a top publisher. Other than the minor frustration of the POV breaks, nothing was serious enough to disturb me as I read.

I can think of more than one person I know who would benefit from reading this book and maybe could learn a few lessons from the Jan about growing up and being an adult.

Note: I received a free copy of this book for review purposes, but that has not influenced my rating or the review itself. I read the starting chapters available free on Amazon and liked them BEFORE agreeing to review this book.

Sarka-Jonae Miller said...

Thank you :)

Vidya Ravi said...

Here is a link to my Amazon review:

Actual review is also posted at my blog - Books Are Magic.


Jan is a rich and spoiled girl, who quits her college to join massage school (without her mother's knowledge). She just got dumped by her boyfriend -- again. Tired of the opposite gender, Jan decides not to date again - ever. To a girl who has always had boyfriends, this is going to be a big feat. Her mother who has been paying her bills so far, disowns her, as soon as she knows that Jan had dropped out of college. Financially helpless, for the first time in her life, Jan has to worry about money, paying bills and rents. Money and boyfriends define Jan. What is Jan going to do without both of them? Or is there much more to Jan than these two?

This chick-lit novel surprised me. Although started slow at first, the novel picked up speed soon. Jan's character is someone who you can relate to, partially. Her friends, Lisa, Nichole and Becki's characters were all brought out very well, that I enjoyed their roles in Jan's life, much than Jan's life itself.

The snarky dialogues made me laugh and that's what I love in a chick-lit and it was delivered perfectly. The characters are well formed. Jan's changes in attitude and life through a comedy of errors is well thought out and also delivered in a humorous way. Here is a heroine you won't like, but would appreciate to know the story of. Interesting read!

There are typo issues in the novel - which at times affect the mood of the story.

A coming of age novel narrated with humor! Recommended for lovers of chick-lit novels.

Favorite Quotes from "Between Boyfriends":

"She was a die-hard health nut and a part-time vegetarian who exercised regularly, ate fruits and vegetable regularly, and unintentionally made everyone else feel like pigs - regularly."

"She particularly did not like being told she was overreacting when she knew she was overreacting."

Holly S. said...

I got the book and reviewed here:

"(5 stars) A fast-paced, funny read.

This is not my usual type of read, but I really couldn't put it down. The writing is fast-paced and to the point. No overly-flowy prose here, which keeps you reading right to the end. The book is mostly light and funny, while still dealing with heavier issues; It had me laughing out loud more than once.

I enjoyed going through the main character's metamorphosis in her quest to get her life together and become a better person and a better friend. The other characters were well-written and had their own voices (a pet peeve of mine is reading a book and finding all of the characters sound, behave, and react in the same ways...) Good scene continuity (not just for movies, people.)

Overall, I would recommend this book, and I can't wait to read the next. My only complaint is that it IS a series, and therefore I have to wait for the next book for the continuance/resolution of some of the larger plot points, although it does a good job resolving the immediate ones.

If you like the movie "Clueless", you will love this book. Definitely a guilty pleasure."



Jessica Carrion said...

I received and read the book. Here is my review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Blew through this book!, November 11, 2012
By Jessica Y. Carrion
This review is from: Between Boyfriends (Boyfriends Series) (Kindle Edition)
When I first began reading this book, I wasn't too sure what to expect. It starts by following a young man who is planning on breaking up with his girlfriend. From his perspective, I began to immediately dislike the ex (Jan). By the second chapter, I realized that Jan is just a young girl who wants to be loved and needed, and is so misunderstood. She starts to see her friends, in particular Lisa, in a new light and truly can appreciate what they have to do to survive. I believe that this book is witty and well thought out. The only complaint were finding some typos. At one point, I wanted to highlight them just to get it out of my system :-) Otherwise, this book is a keeper!

My email address is


Hannah O'Connor said...

Most people who read this have called Jan a stuck-up, snobbish, boy-crazy shopaholic, but the girl I read about was insecure, and needing the love and affection she didn't get as a child. The front she put up was her armor, when actually, she felt very inferior. When her mother cuts her off from all financial aid, she has to fend for herself. When her friends come to her aid she realizes that she had not been a good friend to them in the past. She also realizes that she is not worthless when she begins to make wise decisions and get her act together. An enjoyable book!

Sarka-Jonae Miller said...

Don't forget to leave your email addresses everyone or you will not be entered. Plus, follow the rules for writing reviews and please only enter if you live in the United States. Thanks :)

Susan Smoaks said...

I just finished reading Between Boyfriends and I have to say that I truly enjoyed it. I love how Jan gets it's all figured out and pulls herself together. She doesn't have to have a man or money to survive. It's a fun read and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a great read. I am excited to read more in the Boyfriends Series! I am happy that I stumbled across this fun book to read!

susansmoaks at gmail dot com

TreasureToday said...

Here is my review from the Amazon site:

I decided to read and review this novel on a whim and began reading with an open mind, recognizing that this is not the typical style of book that I would read. Overall, it was an interesting read. I found it to be unusually choppy and included a lot of descriptive details that I was not particularly fond of. However, that may be typical in this style of novel.

Overall, I found it an interesting read, from the beginning to the end. I found myself liking most of the characters (except for Reminder, if you could call a cat a character) even though I shouldn't have, as many of them were very shallow and insecure. But, that is generally the main plot of the story. We meet Jan, a self-centered and immature individual, but she doesn't recognize this about herself. Early on, we have to laugh as she describes her ex-boyfriends. To the readers, this chapter tells us a lot about Jan, but to her that review wasn't really an epiphany. Yet, this was the beginning of her story and her maturing. The story shares about six months of Jan's life - as she begins to mature and grow into a lovely young woman. We watch her begin to learn to value something other than money. She learns to place value on the people who are really her friends and we watch those relationships bloom.

The author adds a couple of twists to the story, that often left me wondering exactly what the purpose of those twists in the story were, but to the author's credit she closes every little twist/door she opens, rather than leaving the reader hanging and wondering what happened.

This was a simple and easy-to-read novel which I believe many will enjoy.

treasuretoday at

Melissa Haggerty said...

I really enjoyed reading Between Boyfriends. I usually get into romances or Young Adult of some kind the most. This was a bit different for me. Between Boyfriends was a story of a girl who is finding out who she is without a boyfriend.

I started out thinking I may not like Jan. She seemed a little uppity. As the book progressed, Jan really changed. Her character grew on me, and I found myself really rooting for her to succeed in her goals. She was strong, and very brave to venture out in life like she did. I admired her as the book went on.

The characters in this book were fun and realistic. Jan's close friend Lisa was very realistic and caring. Jan made friends with Becki, who was quirky and lovable, or at least I loved her! Juan was a very well written character. I actually didn't expect him to play such a big role in Jan's life, but I am glad he did.

There were funny moments, and very serious moments. Getting to watch Jan's journey was empowering. She really came into her own. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to that. I cannot wait to see how Sarka-Jonae Miller continues this series!

Here is the link to my Amazon review -


D.S.G said...

i choose to read this book because of the wonderful reviews it was getting. it was a fast and enjoyable read. i think more young ladies need to take a break from dating nowadays!! i did have a hard time with the relationship between the girlfriends. for best friends they all seem to leave each other out alone quite often. I would like to have seen a more sisterly love, as friends help any situation. overall, i would recommend this book to anyone!!!
*i did receive a copy of the book from the author to review the book.

email: iloveya123 @

DSG said...

i choose to read this book because of the wonderful reviews it was getting. it was a fast and enjoyable read. i think more young ladies need to take a break from dating nowadays!! i did have a hard time with the relationship between the girlfriends. for best friends they all seem to leave each other out alone quite often. I would like to have seen a more sisterly love, as friends help any situation. overall, i would recommend this book to anyone!!!
*i did receive a copy of the book from the author to review the book.

email: iloveya123 (at) yahoo (dot) com

MJS GIRL said...

my email is: sansandee213- at- yahoo-dot-com

Wow!!! It has been a LONG time since I read a book that actually made me LAUGH OUT LOUD on every page! Any age would enjoy this book. I wish I had read it way back when I was a young girl...I may have learned a few good lessons for myself. I think all of us girls, whatever age..can see ourselves in Jan, Lisa or Nichole...or perhaps a combination of all 3!!! The author did an AWESOME job of mixing heartbreak & humor....LOVED IT!!!